CV1:A/R Adjustment Version 1.01 6/6/01

Format : PIDF

CETE Topic : AA

Usage : Represents an A/R Manual Adjustment

Description Len Mask Fmt Req Format/Comments
CV1 Customer Corporate Number 6 999999 N Y
CV1 Customer Number 6 999999 N N If not specified, the A/R transaction is considered to be a corporate-level transaction.
A/R Transaction Number 7 9999999 N Y
Transaction Date 8   D Y  
Invoice Number 7 9999999 N N Invoice number that the adjustment applies to.
Original Amount 17   R Y How much is the adjustment for?  (Can be positive or negative)
Remaining Amount 17   R N How much of the adjustment is still available to be applied?
Reason Code 1   A N  
Check # 10   A N  
Transaction Terminator Symbol 2   A Y Literal "//"
Total Length 81