Customer-Item Movement for Date Version 1.00 5/15/2003

Format : PIDF

CETE Topic : D2

Usage : Gives sales and movement details for a specific customer-Item for a specific date. This transaction is 
            only used within the XD Transaction Set.

Description Len Mask Fmt Req Format/Comments
CV1 Item Number 6 999999 N Y  
Qty SSU 5 99999 N N Qty sold for product's standard selling unit for date.
Qty Each 5 99999 N N Qty sold for product's "each" selling unit for date.
Sales 10   R N Total sales for date.
Base Cost 10   R N Total base cost for date.  Note: This field is not populated if the target is a customer type.
Retail 10   R N Total retail for date.
Transaction Terminator Symbol 2   A Y Literal "//"
Total Length 48