Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about

CIM Messages

(Last Update 2/21/2005)


Q.) What is a CIM Message?

A.) A CIM Message is vehicle through which a transaction is delivered.  For the formal documentation on a CIM Message, go here.

Q.) Is it possible to deliver a Sales Order (Transaction Set topic X4) using CETE Version 1?

A.) Transaction Sets are delivered using CETE versions 2 and higher only.  The sole exception to this is a the Sales Order transaction set (topic X4).  Version 1 is supported for backwards compatibility.  To force the system to use version 1 CETE for the X4 topic, perform these steps:

1.) Place a "S" next to the Target to edit their "Spec Control Entries".

2.) Enter "3" for Entry Type, "X4" for Topic, Blank for Model/Format, "1" for Version, and "0" for Mod Lvl and press enter.

This will create a spec control entry which will force the CETE Version to 1.