FTP Access

Your customers may want to access the files you generate for them directly.  Using FTP (File Transfer Protocol), you can allow your customer to securely access your file system to retrieve their files.

To configure your customer for direct FTP access, follow these instructions:

1.) Setup your FTP server

a.) Using Client Access on your PC, go to "Operations Navigator".
b.) Open Network>Servers>TCP/IP
c.) Find "FTP in the list of severs. Right click, and choose "Properties"
d.) Click "Initial Formats".

For "File Naming Format", choose "Path".
For "Working Directory", choose "Use user's home directory".

e.) Click OK.

2.) Setup your User

a.) Create a user profile using OS/400 command CRTUSRPRF.

1.) Assign user class of *USER.
2.) Press F10 and assign Special Authority *NONE.

b.) Enroll the user as a Client Access user.

1.) Type GO MAIN
2.) Take option 11
3.) Take option 21
4.) User Profile = User Name. User Id = User Name. Address = name of your system (Like S101316R) Press Enter.

c.) Add Directory Entry for user.

1.) Type ADDDIRE and press F4.
2.) User ID = User Name, Address = name of your system (Like S101316R), Description = User Name. User Profile = User Name. Press Enter.

d.) Alter the user's settings in Operations Navigator.

1.) Go to Operations Navigator
2.) Open Users and Groups>All Users.
3.) Find user in list of users, right-click and choose "Properties".
4.) Click "Capabilities".
5.) On Privileges tab, remove "All Object Access" if checked.
6.) Click "Applications" tab. Choose "Host Applications" from the drop-down box.

Note: If the Applications tab is not present, this means the feature that enables this tab was not installed at the time Client Access was installed.  In this case, you will need to reinstall Client Access and add the Application Administration feature.  Instructions for doing so are located on page 7 of the IBM Document Operations Navigator Application Administration 

7.) Open TCP/IP Utilities>File Transfer Protocol>FTP Server>Specific Operations
8.) Uncheck the "Change Directory" checkbox.
9.) Click OK.
10.) Click "Jobs"
11.) In the "Home Directory" field, type the name of the user's folder.

For example, type "/QDLS/mailbox/out/000133". The name of the user's folder can be found on the user's CIM Profile record in the field "ASCII Folder". You must prepend the "/QDLS/" value.

Note: The specified folders and sub-folders must allow user access.  To check the authorization settings of these objects, use Operations Navigator to go to File Systems>Integrated File System.  Examine the authorization setting for each folder in the path by right-clicking the folder and choosing "Permissions".  Ensure that either  Public authority is set to all, or else add the individual user by clicking the Add button.

12.) Click OK.
13.) Click OK again.


At this point, the user should be able to log on to FTP using the FTP client software of their choice and be limited to their own folder.  Direct them to the public IP address of your system.