External Picking:Header Label v1.00 7/11/2008

Format : PIDF
CETE Topic :
Usage : Causes an individual
picking header label to print from DAC.  Picking Header Labels are affixed to first in a series of bundles or totes in a single-pick region.

Description Length From To Format Required Comments
Order Number 7 1 7 N Y Order # in DAC.  Certain label elements may be fetched from the order database.
External Transaction Number 15 8 22 A N External System's reference# for this pick task. (If applicable)
Printer ID 6 23 28 A N The printer device name on the iSeries system to which the label output will be directed.
Label Version 3 29 31 A N Indicates which header label version will be used.
100=Default Version
Transaction Terminator Symbol 2 32 33 A Y Literal "//"
Total Length 33