Scheduling Integration to Start:

Integration can be scheduled to start automatically by using the OS/400 Job Scheduler to submit the command EDISTART.  When the End of Day process starts, the first thing it does is stop Integration.  When the End of Day process finishes, it does not automatically restart Integration.  Therefore, it must be manually restarted from the Integration control panel, or the command EDISTART must be issued at a command line.

To automatically schedule the EDISTART command, follow these instructions:

1.) Type ADDJOBSCDE at any command line and press F4.

2.) Fill out the prompt as follows:

Add or Remove days from the "Schedule Day" field as appropriate.  Change the "Schedule Time" field to be whatever time is appropriate.  The value 030000 is 3:00 A.M in the example.


3.) Press enter to add the Job Schedule Entry.  If you need to later modify the entry, use the command WRKJOBSCDE to locate the entry, and then use option 2 to edit the entry.