Native Interfaces for CV1 Integration Module (CIM):

Interface Comments
PDI/RMS version 5.0.5. Provides complete integration with Professional Datasolutions Inc.'s PDI/Resource Management Series.

MTC Distributing version 1.0 Originally based on AT&T's "Easy Link" format, this interface provides electronic invoice data in a format made popular by Modesto Tobacco Company Distributing.  Numerous POS vendors support this format, including SSCS.

CMI Solutions Invoice
Provides an interface to CMisolutions backoffice software.  Numerous other POS vendors have adapted to this format, including SSCS.
CMI Solutions Pricebook
CMI Solutions Configuration Instructions

ScanMaster Documentation Support for this system is designed to enable the distributor to use the ScanMaster POS system as an in-house cash-and-carry solution.  It is not designed to provide DAC connectivity to a retailer using the ScanMaster POS system.  Order data is received from the ScanMaster system and posted through the DAC system using the "Emulated Sales Order" transaction set.  DAC supplies the ScanMaster system with customer and pricebook information.

Factor Support for this system is available as a licensed module, but is also customizable since the interface is implemented through CDR's Systems Integrator software.  Support for sending item data, pricing data, and invoice data, as well as receiving order data is included.