CV1:Requested Sales Order Detail V1.00 2/1/00

Format : PIDF

CETE Topic : OD

Usage : Place an order in the CV1 system

Description Starts Position Length Format Required? Comments
CV1 Item Number 1 6 N N  
Buyer's Item Number 7 15 A N Item Reference Code of the entity placing the order.
UPC Code 22 15 A N Product reference code of the entity that manufactures the product. Note: A single product may have a discrete UPC code for each of its units.  The UPC code in this field corresponds to the unit ordered.
Quantity 37 7 N Y Order Qty
U/M Number 44 1 N N Unit of Measure.  DAC has 4 possible units of measure-- 1, 2, 3, and 4 -- with 1 being the smallest unit (an "each") and 4 being the largest. Specify "0" to have the system use the "standard" distributor's selling unit for the item. If both ANSIUM and  this field are specified, this field will take precedence.
ANSIUM 45 2 A N ANSI Unit of measurement
Price 47 17 R N Override Price for one. (Note, the application of this field is controlled by the Dac/CV1 administrator)
Item Description 64 50 A N Description of the item in the buyer’s (orderer’s) system.
Purchase Order # 114 22 A Y  
Remote Order ID 136 15 A N ID of remote order. (Not the same as Purchase Order # above)
CV1 Customer Number 151 6 N Y  
Expected Price 157 7 R N Price the customer expects to pay.
Transaction Terminator Symbol 164 2 A Y Literal "//"
Total Len=   165