CV1:Requested Sales Order Header V1.02 1/9/02

Format : PIDF

CETE Topic : OH

Usage : Place an order in the CV1 system

Description Start Position Length Format Required? Comments
Employee ID 1 6 A N ID of the employee (Salesman) that manages this account.
Vendor Number 7 15 A N ID of seller in purchaser's system.
CV1 Customer Number 22 6 N Y  
Message 28 23 A N Free-format text message.
Order Creation Date 51 8 N N Date this order was created.
Route 59 6 A N What delivery route the order should be placed on.
Purchase Order# 65 22 A Y Customer's Purchase Order #
Remote Order ID 87 15 A N ID of remote order. (Not the same as purchase order number above)
Order Source 102 1 A N Where did this order come from? (1=Web Console, 2=Telxon Unit, 3=Sales Force Automation, 4=EDI)
Order Type 103 1 A N What type of order is created? 

W=WebConsole Transfer
=Retail Label Batch

*Note: Value of "R" can only be specified if the "Import Method" in the pilot is NOT "Direct".

Filler 104 17 A N Not Used - Fill with spaces
Special Directive 121 1 A N "2" = Post as-is.
Warehouse 122 6 A N Warehouse to use.  This value can only be specified if the "Import Method" in the pilot is "Direct".
Store Number 128 6 N N Used as an alternative to customer#.  If this field is not zero, DAC will assume that the Customer Number field is a Corporate Number  and will attempt to locate the proper Customer Number using this field.
Transaction Terminator Symbol 134 2 A Y Literal "//"
Total Len=   135