OPM (Original Processing Model)


OPM EDI is the original, non-CETE-based DAC-CV1 EDI process. OPM is very limited and inflexible compared to the enhanced capabilities of CETE-based EDI. Since OPM is still supported, it is included as an EDI service. However, since CETE-based EDI is far more robust, it should be used exclusively in all new EDI development efforts when possible.

OPM EDI handles both importing and exporting of EDI data to and from DAC-CV1. Importing is supported from ASCII files from the QDLS file system and from a DB2 database delivered through SNADS. Exporting is done to ASCII files in the QDLS file system as well as to a DB2 database delivered through SNADS.

Click here for OPM CV1HDR specification.

Click here for OPM Purchase Order version 2 specification.

Click here for sample data for OPM Purchase Order version 2


A technical document containing both OPM and some newer CETE EDI specifications is available.  Please note, however, that this document is out of date and is generally only provided to give information about the OPM "Purchase Order" format.  Click the following link to view it:

Click Here


Documentation of the CV1COM "RCV" records layouts are available at the following address:



Documentation for the "Customer Price and Retail Book" export to data file are located at:

/cv1edi/File Definition for Customer Price Retail Book1.xls