External Picking:Summary v1.00 6/2/2008

Format : PIDF
CETE Topic : PS
Usage : Updates loading control. This should only be given to DAC once when picking for the order/region is complete.

Description Length From To Format Required Comments
Order Number 7 1 7 N Y Order # in DAC.
Picking Region 2 8 9 A Y A picking region groups together numerous locations in desired sections of a warehouse, generally for the purpose of picking product.
Number of Bundles 5 10 14 N N The number of bundles (boxes) assembled.
Number of Totes 5 15 19 N N The number of totes assembled.
External Transaction# 15 20 34 A N External System's reference# for this pick task. (If applicable)
Transaction Terminator Symbol 2 35 36 A Y Literal "//"
Total Length 36