DAC:Quantity Break Pricing v1.00 6/3/2014

Format : PIDF

Topic : Q3

Usage : The customers which are in the Quantity Break Deal, and the break they will receive.

To Format Required? Comments
Deal Number 5 1 5 N Y Unique identifier for a Quantity Break Deal.
Customer Number 6 6 11 N N If not 0, this is indicates that a specific, single customer is part of the deal.
Billing Matrix Number 6 12 17 N N If not 0, this indicates that all Customers which are in the specified Billing Matrix are part of the deal.
Warehouse Code 6 18 23 A N If not blank, this indicates to which Warehouse the deal pertains.
Unique Key 5 24 28 N Y A value which makes this transaction unique within the set.
Quantity Break 5 29 33 N N The minimum quantity which the customer must achieve to receive this level of cents off.
Cents Off 7 34 40 R N The dollar amount which will be deducted from the customer's price, if they qualify for this level of quantity break.
Start Date 8 41 48 N N A starting date for this level of break. YYYYMMDD
End Date 8 49 56 N N An ending date for this level of break. YYYYMMDD
Transaction Terminator Symbol  2 57 58  A Y Literal "//"
Total Length 58