Procedure for configuring CIM to work with the SSCS Point of Sale system.
(Last Changed 1/21/2008)

  This procedure describes how to configure the CV1 Integration Module (CIM) to produce pricebook and invoice data that is compatible with Service Station Computer Systems' (SSCS) point of sale system.  CIM does not provide a native interface to this system.  However, the SSCS system will accept invoice data generated using the CIM MTC Invoice native support as well as pricebook data using the CMI Pricebook native support.  A DAC license for each of those products is required.  


1.) Verify that your system is licensed to the required products.  From the main DAC menu, take option 1, then 4, then 11.  Verify that CIM MTC Invoice Format Support and CMI Pricebook both appear in the list and are "Active".

2.) From the main DAC menu, take option 9, then option 9, then option 3.

3.) Press F5 to start the configuration guide.

4.) If you want CIM to produce data files for all customers in a corporate account and place them in a single folder, choose option 1 to select a corporate account.   If you would prefer to setup a single customer account (rather than an entire corporate chain) and have a dedicated folder for each customer account, choose option 2 to select an individual customer. 

5.) You will then be asked "Should this account be setup to receive data on a daily basis at this time".  Choose "Y", and press enter.

6.) Next, you'll be asked "What types of data should this account receive".  Choose option "3" to manually select.

7.) SSCS can accept pricebook data and invoice data.  You may want to send either one or both.  To send invoice data, in the Add Topic field, enter "X4" and press enter.  To send pricebook data, enter "CI" and press enter.  Finally, press F3.

8.) Next, you'll be asked "What format should the data be in?".  Choose option "6" for CMI.


Your configuration will now need one additional change to be complete.  You must change the Specification Control Entry for the invoice data to based on the MTC format rather than the CMI format.

1.) From the main DAC menu, take option 9.  If you chose option 1 in step 4 above, then take menu option 13.  If you chose option 2 in step 4 above, then take menu option 14.  Locate the account and enter "S" beside the record.

2.) Locate the entry with the topic of "X4 Sales Order".  Enter a "D" beside the record to delete it.

4.) At the top of the screen enter the following values and press enter:

	Entry Type 1 (1=Trx Set, 2=Transaction, 3=CETE)                  
	Topic . . . X4                                                   
	Model/Format 3 (1=PIDF,2=PDI,3=MTC,4=Pinnacle,5=ScanMaster,6=CMI)
	Version . . 1 Mod Lvl 00 External Formatter