CIM Transaction Set : Customer-Specific Item Promotion (X9)


The Customer-Specific Promotion transaction set contains information about a promotion for a single product as well as single customer's Price and Retail transactions reflecting the promotional price.

Version 1.00

Component Usage Minimum Maximum Sequence Supported Versions
CV1:Customer-Specific Item Promotion Pilot Leading outer message. 1 1 1 ANY
CV1:Item Promotion Defines an item promotion for a single item. 1 1 2 ANY
CV1:General Item General information about the item being promoted. 1 1 3 ANY
CV1:Warehouse-Specific Item (Item Balance) Warehouse-specific information about the item being promoted. 1 1 4 ANY
CV1:Customer Price & Retail Custom price and retail for a single customer and for the item being promoted.  The price and retail reflect the promotion.  Up to four of these transaction may exist; one for each sellable unit of measure. 1 4 5 1.01 and higher
CV1:Customer-Specific Item  Promotion Trailer Trailing Outer Message. 1 1 6 ANY