CIM Transaction Set : Emulated Sales Order (XA)


The Emulated Sales Order transaction set contains all information pertaining to an order to be placed into the CV1 Ordering/Billing system. The concept of "Emulation" means that the order which is placed into the CV1 system is identical in form to the order in some external system.  Most core business logic and validation rules are suspended so that the CV1 order can be maintained as an exact replica of the external "emulated" order.  This transaction set is designed for use with internal systems only and should not be used to fill orders for customers.  

Version 1.00

Component Usage Minimum Maximum Sequence Supported Versions
CV1:Emulated Sales Order Transaction Set Pilot Leading outer message 1 1 1 ANY
CV1:Emulated Sales Order Header Defines a single emulated sales order. 1 1 2 ANY
CV1:Emulated Sales Order Detail ALL line-items that are part of the emulated sales order. 0 9999999 3 ANY
CV1:Emulated Sales Order Transaction Set Trailer Trailing Outer Message 1 1 4 ANY