CIM Transaction Set : External Picking:Selection(XX)


This transaction set contains all information needed by an external picking system to perform product selection in a specific warehouse picking region.

Version 1.00

Component Usage Minimum Maximum Sequence Supported Versions
External Picking:Selection Transaction Set Pilot Leading outer message. 1 1 1 ANY
Sales Order Header Defines a single sales order. 1 1 2 ANY
Address Where is the order shipped to? 1 3 3 ANY
Address Who is being billed for this order? 1 3 4 ANY
Address Who is being paid for this order? 1 3 5 ANY
External Picking:Selection Detail ALL line-items that need to be picked for a specific region. 0 9999999 7 ANY
External Picking:Selection Transaction Set Trailer Trailing Outer Message. 1 1 8 ANY