CIM Transaction Set : Zone Price/Retail(XZ)

This transaction set contains a rendering of a customer-specific item for each "Price Zone" present within a single Corporate Structure for a single item.  Additionally, any customer within the corporate structure having a customer-specific price or retail contract will cause a component to be generated.

A "Price Zone" is defined as a unique combination of Alternate Price, Tax Jurisdiction, Billing Matrix, and Retail Matrix.

DAC will render prices and retails for the item using only Alternate Prices, Billing Matrix pricing contracts, Tax Stamps, and Retail Matrix contracts that would apply to each zone.  If a customer-specific price or retail contract is found, additional Comprehensive Customer-Item Aggregate components are rendered with no "Price Zone" reference.

Version 1.00

Component Usage Minimum Maximum Sequence Supported Versions
Zone Price/Retail:Pilot Leading outer message. 1 1 1 ANY
Comprehensive Customer-Item Aggregate Output once for each unique Price Zone and Retail Zone, and for each unique customer-specific  price and retail contract. 1 99999 2 v1.03
Zone Price/Retail:Trailer Trailing message. 1 1 3 ANY